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Our blends are made to assit you in optimising your health & wellbeing

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I AM pleased to have access to premium organic ingredients so we honour that process by creating our products with care and attention. Read more...

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I was using a commercial brand of loose leaf chai that wouldn’t brew strong enough for my customers.
I AM EARTH Masala Chai has increased my sales and helped me build up a following of Chai lovers.

Kerrie @ Little Olive Travelling Cafe

I am loving the Raw Chai it is such an incredible blend; it is like a symphony. Everything works so well together to bring a balance of flavor. Some chai's can be too strong and over-powered by one or two of the stronger spices. You have brought harmony to the spice blend with Raw Chai, I love it!


The BEST hot chocolate I have tasted. It is very fresh, rich and seems to be a much higher quality than any other brands we have tried. Added bonus, it doesn't contain 'milk solids' or other lower grade ingredients.