Brewing Guide: Drinking Chocolate

I AM EARTH Drinking Chocolate is a generous 50% Cocoa blend. The flavour of the chocolate is prominent. Also we use coconut sugar instead of white refined sugar so it may not have the sweetness you find in other Hot Chocolates. For the sweet tooth simply add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup to the brew. I prefer to make the brew in a milk pan (saucepan with pour) however you if are time poor you can make in a mug. 

Brewing I AM EARTH Drinking Chocolate

Method One

Add a tablespoon(10g) of Drinking Chocolate to a milk pan

Add enough hot water to dissolve and stir

Add  a cup of milk/mylk and gently heat

The Drinking Chocolate will go white on top, test if hot enough.

If desired add honey or maple syrup and stir in

Once at desired temperature, serve and enjoy.


Method Two - Quick Mug

Add a tablespoon of Drinking Chocolate to a mug

Add hot water until the mug is about two thirds full

Add honey or maple if required, stir in

Top up with favorite milk/mylk stir and serve.



*Increase or decrease the amount of Drinking Chocolate added to find your optimum strength.

*Once milk is added, gentle heating is recommended.

*For a difference spin, try adding a teaspoon of I AM EARTH Turmeric Latte blend to create a Golden Chocolate!


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