Making Chai at Home

Make Chai at Home


There are two ways to make a great Chai at home, either as a tea (water based) or as a latte (milk based). There are many variations, so I will give you some examples below on the basic methods. Feel free to experiment in the search for your perfect Chai. For sweetener, I recommend a light colored honey or maple syrup.


Making Chai Tea 

Add a teaspoon of Chai per cup to a teapot.

Add hot water and allow to steep for around 3 minutes

Pour into a cup, add sweetener, add milk and stir. Enjoy.

Suggestion: Try Masala Chai, with a dash of milk and a little Honey or Raw Chai with Maple Syrup.

Note: If you don't have a teapot you could use a coffee plunger or tea strainer.


Making Chai Latte

Add a cup of milk to a saucepan and gently heat on the stove top.

Add a teaspoon of Masala Chai to milk and stir.

Pour into a cup, add sweetener and serve.

Suggestion: Try Masala Chai with Milk and Honey or Raw Chai with Almond Milk and Maple Syrup.

Note This method can also be used for Chai Tea. When heating on the stove top it is best to gently heat without letting chai boil.  

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