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Since I first discovered Heal.thy Wholefoods I have wanted to stock my products there. I was inspired by their commitment to reducing waste, supporting local products and supporting organic farming. All that and providing local residents with wholesome pantry staples, delivered to your door. Heal.thy Wholefoods is another amazing local business that is moving us into a real food revolution. I had a chat with the founder, Ali to find out more about this wholesome venture.

Q - Can you tell me a little about your background?

A - Born and bred on the Ninch and here raising my daughters. I’ve worked in various fields from bookkeeping, hospitality, retail sales, kitchen work and administration. I’ve started various diplomas, certificates and degrees (from Anthropology to Community Services) in the attempt to “find out what I want to do when I grow up”. Nothing really grabbed me so I floated from job to job and course to course. I spend nearly all my time when not working with my girls, you’ll find me these days either trying to wear out an energetic 2 year old or trying to find things to connect with my 15 year old about, at the moment its Vampire Diaries (which I actually love)

Q - What led you to starting Heal.thy Wholefoods?

A - Heal.thy Wholefoods online store is a stepping stone to opening up a “bricks and mortar” bulk wholefoods store down the Southern end of the Mornington Peninsula. I started the business with a girlfriend as we shared the same desire to provide good quality foods with minimal waste. I walked into a bulk wholefoods store one day back in 2013 and was blown away by the concept, I always thought it would be cool to do one day but found excuses why I couldn’t and did nothing about it until one day I woke up and dropped the self-sabotage bullshit and went for it. I’ve loved every minute of it and know I’ve found that career path that will continue to give me deep satisfaction.

Q - How did you develop an interest in health and wellbeing?

A - As far as developing an interest, I think its still developing. I’m on a journey of learning and try not to get too caught up in the end result and enjoy the process along the way. I constantly find myself getting trapped in a world of excess and access and get satisfaction out of reigning myself back in and feeling more centred. When I’m practicing health and wellbeing I feel more connected to my family, my community and myself.

Q - How have you managed your health and wellbeing during 2020?

Honestly, not very well! I feel like 2020 has been all about staying afloat, a constant uphill battle of making sure that everyone else is OK and forgetting about myself in the meantime. It’s been a really tough year so far regardless of COVID-19 and now all the issues seem amplified. It started when my dad had a stroke and ended with a house intruder, throw in home schooling and working fulltime as a single parent and its been a roller coaster. There’s been no Iso Sour Dough in my household. 

Q - What are the key reasons to support local business?

A - Local businesses will mostly have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. Local businesses are owned by or give jobs to members of your community and we are more accountable, meaning we consider our actions and practices more carefully with purpose and meaning.

Q - What do you intend for Heal.thy Wholefoods to contribute to the community?

A - I want Heal.thy Wholefoods to be a platform in which you can have an ethical shopping experience. Most of the time, it will be waste-free using the “Heal.thy Glass Jar Exchange”, in which your products go into a thoroughly washed glass jar. When delivering your order, I’ll take away any jars you have laying around (reducing landfill). When selecting the range of products, I focus on organic and Australian where possible whilst also taking into consideration the ethical cost of the product and affordability. I don’t want my products to be exclusive; I’d like the average household to have access to healthy foods however I also want to support organic farming. If everyone purchased organic, the exclusivity of it wouldn’t be there and we’d all be able to eat it at a much more affordable cost, the power is in the hands of the consumer and I’d like Heal.thy to be a platform for that. I guess moving forward, I’d like Heal.thy to contribute to the community through sharing information that people can get something out of. Whether it’s being educated through our blog, having access to recipes from our website or finding a waste hack on our Insta page. It’s there for people to utilise, doesn’t cost a thing and hopefully in times like these can help people feel a little more connected.

Heal.thy Wholefoods
More information on Heal.thy Wholefoods Website, Facebook Page or Instagram Page.

Heal.thy Wholefoods stocks I AM EARTH Masala Chai & Drinking Chocolate.


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