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Rye Health Store


In my journey towards health and wellbeing, I discovered early on that having access to a health food store was important. The Rye Health Store was my first encounter in this realm. I have found that getting advice from health food stores can help you discover what additives or preservatives in food may be harmful to your health. It can be overwhelming in the beginning so having someone to talk to about the ever-growing range of products can be useful. I sat down with the owner of Rye Health Store Andrew Blease to have a chai and a chat about his journey.


Q - Can you tell me a little about your background?

A- I grew up in Melbourne and moved to the Peninsula in 1989 to live closer to nature and escape the “rat race”. I wanted to spend my life living in an environment that I felt attuned to and seek ethical employment options.


Q - How did you develop an interest in health and wellbeing?

A- I had asthma when I was young. A desire to improve my health was closely aligned with living closer to nature.


Q - What led you to you opening the Rye Health Store?

A- I took over this established business in 1995. The desire to be part of this industry was in line with a philosophical outlook on life that began in Melbourne. I decided in the 80s that I did not want to be involved in any industry that I was not ethically aligned with.


Q - What are the key reasons to support local business?

A - By supporting local business you are strengthening the community you live in.

Local businesses employ local people. Local businesses are part of the fabric of the community. In most instances, local businesses give a great deal back to the community by supporting local clubs and other initiatives.


Q - What are common misconceptions about Health Food Stores?

A - 1. They are expensive.

If you want real ingredients, grown and presented in a sustainable way, then health stores are the way to go. Supermarkets give a false impression of the value of food by offering cheap prices on sub-standard food.

2.That they only offer a natural replacement for pharmaceutical medicines.

Whilst natural medicines are powerful, we aim to encourage the customer to restore robust health through lifestyle modification whilst addressing mind, body and spirit!


Q - What do you intend for the Rye Health Store to contribute to the community?

A - I would like to continue to contribute and support positive values in this community. I believe this business is a source of encouragement on many levels.


Rye Health Store

The Rye Health Store is located at 2185 Point Nepean Rd, Rye VIC 3941

More information can be found on the Rye Health Store facebook page or instagram page.

Rye Health Store stocks I AM EARTH Masala Chai, Turmeric Latte & Drinking Chocolate.

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