In 2017 I developed a passion for growing food at home. I was amazed at the difference between home grown food and what I had been buying from stores. I was inspired to tell others about the wonders of organic growing and started a market stall selling vegetable and herb seedlings. After a season of having a lot of fun but making modest income I tried bolstering my sales by selling small bags of chai. People then started asking for caffeine free chai so I had my second product. Inspired by the plant world I developed a range of products that are made to assist you in optimizing your health and wellbeing.

I still continue growing herbs and vegetables at home and am passionate about inspiring others to support organic farming. Sadly commercial agriculture is one of the most devastating practices to our environment;  that is why I am unwavering in my support for organic farming by creating products using 100% Organic Ingredients.  We are pleased to have access to premium organic ingredients so we honour that process by creating our products with care and attention.

I look forward to meeting new people, creating new products and sharing my passion for organics.

All the best,


Founder @ I AM EARTH