When I started I AM EARTH I worked as a gardener selling organic potted herbs at local markets. I was amazed at what was possible when I learned to grow food organically. After a few years of selling herbs at market, my sales and enthusiasm were diminishing. Since many people don’t have the time or know-how to get into organic gardening I decided to create a range of products that support Organic farming and help people optimize their health and wellbeing.

Sadly commercial agriculture is one of the most devastating practices to our environment;  that is why we are unwavering in our support for organic farming by creating products using 100% Organic Ingredients. We are pleased to have premium organic ingredients so we honor that process by creating our products with care and attention.

I still enjoy growing organic herbs and vegetables at home and this season I plan to start growing a lemon verbena tea crop. I look forward to meeting new people, creating new products and sharing my passion for organics.

All the best,


Founder @ I AM EARTH